Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Tourmaline threaders Earrings Watermelon Raw stone Earrings



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Length stone stone3.25"We stonecreated stonethese stoneearrings stoneout stoneof stonebeautiful stonesparkling stonepink stoneand stonegreen stone stonetourmaline stonestones stonethey stoneare stonedangling stoneon stonesweet stonesimple stonesterling stonesilver stoneearwires. stoneThe stonecolors stoneare stonegorgeous!! stoneDue stoneto stonethe stoneraw stoneand stonenatural stonestate stoneof stonethe stonetourmaline stonethe stoneshape stonewill stonevary stoneslightly stonebut stoneeach stonepair stonewill stonebe stonehand stonechosen. stoneYou stonewill stonedefinitely stonereceive stonecompliments stoneon stonethese.Convo stoneme stoneif stoneyou stonehave stonequestions. stoneUS stoneorders stonewill stonebe stoneshipped stonePriority stone[INTERNATIONAL stoneorders stoneare stoneshipped stoneUSPS stoneFirst stoneClass stonewith stoneestimated stonedelivery stoneof stone5-9 stonebusiness stonedays, stoneIn stonesome stonerare stonecases stoneshipment stonetime stonecan stonetake stoneup stoneto stone15 stonedays stonedepending stoneon stoneCustoms stoneholds stonefor stoneyour stonecountry. stoneThanks stoneso stonemuch stonefor stonelooking. stone;)

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