Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made to order, 14kt Yellow Sapphire Ring



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I ringhave ringthree ringsapphires ringavailable ringthat ringwill ringfit ringthis ringsetting. ring\r\rThe ringblues ringare ringa ringvivid ringblue ringin ringperson. ringFor ringsome ringreason, ringthey ringdo ringnot ringshow ringwell. ringOf ringcourse ringthe ringpink, ringcan ringnot ringhelp ringbut ringshow ringwell.\rPink ringis ringa ring10x8mm\rBlue ringis ringa ring12x8mm\rThe ringother ringblue ringsapphire ringis ring11x9mm.\rThis ringsetting ringcomes ringin ring14kt ringwhite ringor ringyellow ringgold.\rLayaway ringavailable.

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