Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ring, 1ct- Tulip Setting White Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring



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This 6mm6mm(over 6mm1ct), 6mmwhite 6mmsapphire, 6mmis 6mmset 6mmin 6mmsturdy 6mmSterling 6mmSilver. 6mmThis 6mmwhite 6mmsapphire 6mmis 6mmfrom 6mmSri 6mmLanka. 6mmHeat 6mmonly, 6mmwith 6mmcolor 6mmof 6mmD 6mmand 6mmclarity 6mmof 6mmVVS/IF.It 6mmhas 6mma 6mmlot 6mmof 6mmfaceting 6mmand 6mmtherefore 6mmit 6mmis 6mmfull 6mmof 6mmsparkle. 6mmHardness 6mmon 6mma 6mmscale 6mmof 6mm1-10, 6mma 6mmsapphire 6mmis 6mma 6mm9. 6mmDiamonds 6mmare 6mma 6mm10. 6mmJust 6mmas 6mmbeautiful 6mmas 6mma 6mmdiamond 6mmor 6mmmore 6mmso. 6mmTo 6mmbuy 6mma 6mmdiamond 6mmof 6mmthis 6mmquality 6mmwould 6mmbe 6mmthousands.This 6mmstyle 6mmalso 6mmcomes 6mmin 6mm7mm [email protected] 6mm$205.00 6mmand [email protected]$245.00 6mmwhite 6mmsapphire. 6mmEmail 6mmto 6mmhave 6mmthe 6mmlisting 6mmprice 6mmchanged 6mmto 6mmthe 6mmsize 6mmsapphire 6mmyou 6mmwant.Very 6mmdurable 6mmstyle.Layaway 6mmavailable.

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